DJ Jedi1200

Here’s the one and only demo tape I created, titled “Feel My Force” in 1997. Made with 2 Technics SL-1200 MK2 fitted with Ortofon DJ S cartridges and a Gemini mixer. DJs today don’t know what its like to lug around a bunch of crates and bags to a show. It was work.

Feel My Force – The Light Side

Feel My Force – The Dark Side

WSUWU (Women Stand United With Hope) 2012 Spiritual Retreat CD

Someone liked the chillout genre of music so much, that they wanted to use it for a ceremony during a spiritual retreat. I made this for them for the retreat in May 2012.

WSUWU (Women Stand United With Hope) 2013 Spiritual Retreat CD

Purely Instrumental – Chillout Mix June 2013

The Jedi1200 Experiment