[zee_dropcap]M[/zee_dropcap]y tagline doesn’t quite say it all. Yes, a code ninja. Yes, an expert nerd in many ways.

However, Rick Scolaro is much more than these couple of simple ideas. As you can see from my rather eccentric perspective of myself, I value many things that relate closely to Science, Science Fiction, Technology, Music, and the Spiritual Journey of which we are all a part. This paragraph will be the last time I refer to myself in the third person. I don’t really care for that. I believe its a way people say things without really committing to them.

I am an extremely nerdy person, which means I am passionate about some things that really only serve to entertain my imagination. Star Trek, The Matrix, Dr. Who, electronic music production, video games…all these things are what drive me to live life to the fullest. I want to experience happiness without direct or indirect harm to myself or anyone else. I have been fairly successful at this.

I love writing code to facilitate some purpose for someone, somewhere. If that means curing cancer, or Alzheimer’s, then I am only more excited to be a part of it.

Challenges are always appreciated, and I believe every challenge I am able to overcome, my character deepens, my stature is straightened, and I believe I can do the next impossible thing that comes along.

It’s always the little things in life that I end up really appreciating. Advances are made and disappointments happen. After all, “even the man with no legs can see the silver lining of never having to buy shoes.” – Rick


[zee_dropcap]I[/zee_dropcap] have been interested in the the observable and measurable world since I was a kid. I asked many questions, and continue to ask them. One of my daily goals is to try to learn at least one new thing every day. I feel if I’ve done this, I’ve learned a little more about the world in which I live. My favorite type of science is anything that deals with things outside of our planet. Black holes intrigue me. The birth and death of stars fascinate me. When I look up into the sky, I always wonder if we, as a race, will ever make it to those far-off lights in the sky.

Science Fiction

[zee_dropcap]S[/zee_dropcap]cience, in my opinion, has been predicated  many times by the dreams and stories of science-fiction writers. I often reference Gene Roddenberry’s foresight of the hand-held communicator; and the cellphones that most of of use today. I have probably spent a good few months of my entire life watching or reading some sort of science-fictional thing.


[zee_dropcap]O[/zee_dropcap]f course, science and science-fiction must be accompanied by a love of technology. So many parts of my life have been spent owning and having fun with various technological marvels.


[zee_dropcap]I[/zee_dropcap] believe my taste in music remains extremely eclectic. Well, you decide from this list of styles I’ve enjoyed: Rap, Hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Alternative, Grunge, Opera, Techno, Electro, Ambient, Dubstep, Breaks, Country, Bluegrass, Disco, and probably a few others that I have probably forgotten.

Spiritual Journey

[zee_dropcap]F[/zee_dropcap]rom what I’ve learned thus far, this crazy human experience is only a small part of the entire journey. I hope to find out what comes after this, just not any time soon.